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* Basis of drawing *

As for this computer aided design basically drawing cannot do with a state where at all figure it does not have. (It can make just the point.
It draws basically already a certain figure the on the basis of.

Already it chooses a certain figure with two mice, or chooses 2 same figures and the point which is the element which is drawn vis-a-vis that, (the ・ the) * line (/) * circle (0) it draws.
For example, already vis-a-vis a certain line 5? When we would like to draw the parallel line which leaves, the line which becomes the basis 2 selections (as for truth however that we would like to try it is possible with 1 time, when at present stage 2 times) it does, because you hear, whether the point (the ・) drawing, the line (/) drawing whether, whether the cartridge you want circle (0) it draws, the intended element is chosen with the mouse.
Here, being to be the parallel line the line (/) it chooses. So when it does, " as for offset distance? " With being to hear, " 5 " inputting, you push the " return key ", or click " the OK " button.
When it does, 1 line appears. 5? The parallel line which leaves is thought in this case 2, but as for that line which appears if with 1 among those, the intended line is not this line, when the right button of the mouse (or the space key) it clicks, the following candidacy (already 1 line) appears.
The right button of the mouse is pushed with one after another keeps indicating several certain figures. In addition it became the last figure, and others and returning to the first figure, it indicates.
When the intended figure appears, pushing the left button of the mouse, it is completion of drawing.
The figure only 1 when you cannot think, or when drawing up the point, there is no selection by the last mouse, that way it draws up indicates the figure.

Basis of operation of mouse of drawing command

With the left button click, point * line * circular arc * circle is selected.
With the right button click, it cancels 1 each from the figure which is selected lastly.
With medium button click, the snap menu is indicated.

< Details of the left button click >
When pushing the left button, 1 time figure blinks. This time without releasing the button, when 3rd you look at from the right of the status bar under, "? 3 " and so on data? Is indicated.
To look at the figure which blinked here, this data? Seeing, when it is not the figure which we would like to select, while you push the right button of the mouse, shifting from the position where you push, when you release, it is not selected.
In addition, case the figure is piled, when it selects once more, because it has reached the point where the order which searches the figure searches from the next in the figure before, you think the following figure which is piled can be selected.

< Details of medium button click >
When liking to take " the point " just with the left button, if " the point (P)" of the snap menu which comes out with the medium button of the mouse it chooses, " the point " just is taken with the left button. If also the other things make similar, just that element is taken.

* Drawing *

Details of drawing command

Not remembering, you think it can operate in feeling.
By your have not remembered.

[ Point & Point ]
2 points are identical
Point (・): Relative point
Line (/): Angular line
Circle (O): Centers the point circle of the radius R which

2 points are different
Point (・): Point between 2 points
Line (/): 2 points are tied the line
Circle (O): Passes by 2 points circle of the radius R which

[ Point & Line ]
Point (・): Recently the point
Line (/): To pass by the point, the line in standard the line of angle theta
Circle (O): Passes by the point, touches to circle circle of the radius R which

[ Point & Circle ]
Point (・):
Line (/): Passes by 1 point the tangential line of the circle which
Circle (O): Passes by 1 point and touches to circle circle of the radius R which

[ Line & Line ]
2 lines are identical
Point (・): Base end station of line
Line (/): Parallel line angular line
Circle (O):

2 lines are different
Point (・): Intersection of 2 lines
Line (/): 2 equal amount lines
Circle (O): Touches to 2 lines circle of the radius R which

[ Line & Circle ]
Point (・): Intersection of line and circle
Line (/): It touches to circle, to the line the parallel line
Circle (O): Touches to the line and circle circle of the radius R which

[ Circle & Circle ]
2 Circle are identical
Point (・): Central point
Line (/): Tangential line (angular input)
Circle (O): When concentric circle (negative value is inserted in radius, offset circle)
2 Circle are different
Point (・): Intersection of 2 Yen
Line (/): Tangential line
Circle (O): Touches to 2 Yen circle of the radius R which

* Division *

[ Click 1 ] the figure which is divided is selected.
[ Click 2 ] the boundary figure which is divided is selected.

< Note > Because division just divides the figure to two, the eye which was seen does not change.

* Trim *

The trim of the computer aided design of this software cuts off extends basically and.
However, extension in case of the circular arc, unless the boundary figure is appointed in the point, are times when it is not extended just.
In addition, with only it cuts off circle and, it appoints 2 boundary figures.
Appointment in the trim figure, in case of the cut-off please clicks the one which is close to the base end station of the person who would like to leave. In case of extension please click the one which is closer to the base end station of the one which we would like to extend.

[ 1 ] Appointment in trim figure
[ 2 ] Appointment in boundary figure
[ 3 ] When the trim figure is circle, appointment in the boundary figure

* Both trim *

The trim figure the trim it does one side trim, but the both trim the trim does also the trim figure and the boundary figure.

< Note > When the boundary figure is the point or circle, the trim it does not do. Rather than with saying, the trim it is not possible.

* Fillet *

The intersection in 2 figures, is bevelled with R it is set with fillet R OR C setting.

* C molding *

The intersection in 2 figures, is bevelled with C it is set with fillet R OR C setting.

< Note > As for the C surface, from the intersection in 2 figures length (with fillet R OR C setting it was set) it makes at the place of the distance of C.

* Point coordinate input *

The point is drawn up in the absolute coordinate indication.
When coordinate inputs the X and the Y separately and the Y is inputted, it becomes input in coordinate X of the following point. It ends point coordinate input, please click the cancellation button.

* Continual line input *

Continuing, you draw the line. When first starting point (only the point) selects with the left button, after that terminus (only the point keeps indicating).
Cutting the continual line midway, when liking to move to another continual line, when it clicks the right button and it starts from the indication of starting point.

* In 3 points circle *

Appointing 3 point figures, it draws up & indicates circle.

< Note > Those where it can appoint are only the point.

* In 3 sides circle *

3 appointing diagram shape, it draws up & indicates circle.

< Note > Those where it can appoint are only the line.


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