User Manual for SagCAD


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* CAM *

The data which selected is converted to the cord/code of the NC.

1: The idea contest of the CAM is clicked when it selects the figure.
2: The start figure is set. When the start figure is clicked with the mouse, present direction in that figure with the arrow
It is indicated.
3: Direction is set. If it is good being direction in the figure which is indicated, please push the left button of the mouse.
If it is different, the right button. If it cancels, please push the medium button.
4: Dialogue is indicated.

Each setting here, when you push the OK, it is retained with the file name which you call to the pass to which the NC cord/code is set with configuration " the ", the editor opens. (Also the editor please sets with configuration)

< Note >
Circle of the G02 G03 (1 lap Yen), it does not correspond yet. We ask temporarily with the circular arc or the editor et cetera who is divided.

With this software, unless the figure which selected is connected everything NC cord/code compilation does not complete. When (it has been cut off midway, useless)

When there is the figure diverges, because it advances to the figure which it selected first, collecting with the range selection, even with when it selects, before the that please select the divergence position first with the selection.
In addition when the chain 2 which, is the medium button of the selection is used because it can appoint it advances to either one with the divergence position, you think 1st it is good to use this.

In order to be connected, being visible, " it has been cut off ", when message is made, the trim please draw up the intersection in those two figures, try doing with the intersection which drew up also two figures.

The NC which it drew up is drawn up to the pass of the NC which is set with " the ".

* NC *

Appointing the NC file, converting the NC data to the figure data, it draws. The data of the NC is to 500 lines.
Thinking, being to be 3 column below decimal points being may excessively, it does, the data of the NC, but you are defeated, if there is a necessity, please use.

< Note > R appointment of the G02 G03 " - " minus (the circular arc of 180 degrees or more) it does not correspond yet.


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